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 "I can definitely say Molot is an excellent weapon," - Yarosh on new domestically-developed mortar

People's Deputy Dmytro Yarosh has visited the front line and personally observed Molot mortars in action.

Yarosh, known as former leader of the nationalist political party Right Sector, has commented to Censor.NET on the statement of his colleague at the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense Taras Pastukh about the quality of Ukraine's newest 120 mm mortar "Molot" (Hammer).

"Only yesterday I went to the front line and talked to our mortar men. I can definitely say that Molot is an excellent weapon, including in terms of accuracy, precision, and other characteristics," Yarosh said. "Unfortunately, I didn't attend the committee meeting and don't know what Pastukh's arguments were. Mortars did have certain minor technical flaws, but they are very easy to fix."

Yarosh has been supported by Commander of the 5th Separate Battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps with call sign "Chornyi": "I'd first asked this deputy where he fired Molot. Then I could constructively talk to him. In fact, this is the best mortar that I've ever used. And I really want Ukraine to become the seventh country in the world that produces mortars. You see, if they were bad, they would not be ordered by NATO countries," he said.

Previously, during the "hour of questions to the government" at the Verkhovna Rada, Samopomich MP Taras Pastukh criticized the quality of Ukrainian-produced mortars.

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