52 percent of Russians support airstrikes in Syria, - opinion poll by Levada Center. CHART

Recent opinion polls showed that the air strikes committed by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria were viewed favorably by 52 percent of respondents.

Censor.NET reports citing the opinion survey conducted by Russia-based Levada Center.

16 percent of respondents definitely support the bombing, another 36 percent view it rather positively. 6 percent of respondents hold damnatory view of the air strikes, 20 percent perceive them mostly negatively while 23 percent of Russians were undecided.

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49 percent of respondents are convinced that the Russian Federation should continue to intervene in the situation in Syria (14 percent definitely support and 35 percent mostly support it). 28 percent believe that it is not worth continuing the campaign (5 percent definitely support discontinuation of campaign while 23 percent mostly support it). 24 percent of Russians were undecided.

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The opinion poll was conducted on nationally representative sample among 1600 people over the age of 18 in 137 localities of 48 of the country's regions Oct. 21-24, 2016. The survey was conducted as a personal interview in respondents' homes. The statistical error of these studies (with a probability of 0.95) does not exceed 3.4 percent for indicators around 50 percent; 2.9 percent for indicators around 25 percent; 2.0 percent for indicators around 10 percent; 1.5 percent for indicators around 5 percent;

What is your attitude to the air strikes committed by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria?

Nov. 15, 2015 Oct. 16, 2016
definitely positive 21 16
mostly positive 34 36
mostly negative 19 20
definitely negative 8 6
undecided 19 23

Do you think Russia should continue to interfere in current situation in Syria?

Oct. 16, 2016
definitely yes 14
rather yes 35
rather no 23
definitely yes 5
undecided 24
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