Chief of Staff Muzhenko declares 300K hryvnia, $20K in cash

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko declared unfinished cottage in Zhytomyr region and the award in the amount of 54,000 hryvnia (about $2,080) he received from Ukraine’s Defense Minister.

As reported by Censor.NET, this is evidenced by Viktor Muzhenko's income statement publicly available in the Unified State Register of tax returns filed by senior officials.

According to the income statement, Muzhenko owns a land plot with the area of 1 200 square meters in Teterivka village in the Zhytomyr region and an unfinished 64-meter cottage on it.

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His wife Natalia owns 101.9-meter apartment in Kyiv and a land plot in the village Teterivka which is 985 square meters in area. His daughter Oksana is the owner of a land plot in Hoholiv villare in the Kyiv region with the area of 1200 square meters.

Muzhenko received 357,774 hryvnia (about $13,760) in salary payments, 28,544 hryvnia (about $1,100) in interest on deposits, as well as 54,240 hryvnia (about $2,080) in cash reward granted by the Defense Minister. His wife received 6,873 hryvnia (about $264) in interest on deposits, daughter - 6,501 hryvnia (about $250) in salary payments as Delta Bank employee and 82,923 hryvnia (about $3,189)- as a Mykhailivskyi Bank employee.

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Muzhenko keeps 140,042 hryvnia (about $5,386) on deposit accounts as well as $20,000 and 300,000 hryvnia in cash. Besides the Chief of Staff loaned $10 000. His wife has $2,691 on her deposit account in Privatbank.
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