Interior Minister Avakov submits income statement, declares wine collection, work by Picasso, golden scaled-down model of oil rig, copyright for story mocking Liovochkin and Stolyarova

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov filed e-declaration.

Censor.NET reports citing the information published on the website of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

According to the income statement, the minister owns a land plot with area of 1200 square meters, a 39-meter apartment in Chuhuiv. Two apartments in Kharkiv are jointly owned by the minister and his wife Inna. Their total area is 657 square meters.

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Avakov also included in his income statement a collection of pieces of art of well-known painters, in particular, an engraving by Picasso and other antiques. The minister also appeared to be owner of a large collection of well-matured wines.

The minister is the sole owner of Italy-based Avitalia S.r.l. (with owner's equity of 8.8 million hryvnia or over $338,461). 99.99 of shares of Avakov's Trust Company (with owner's equity of 205,000 hryvnia - about $7,900) also belong to the Interior Minister. Inna Avakova is the ultimate beneficiary of a dozen private companies.

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Avakov keeps 265,000 hryvnia, $178,000, 118,000 euros, and £2,100 in cash while his wife keeps $275,000 and 30,000 euros.
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