MP Dovhyi's income statement: 95 paintings, 12 luxury watches, $2M in cash and $500,000 in banks

Oles Dovhyi, Volia Narodu (People's Will) parliamentary faction MP and former close ally of Kyiv's odious Mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi, has declared 95 paintings, two apartments in downtown Kyiv, 12 luxury watches, about $2 million in cash and $500,000 on bank accounts.

Censor.NET reports referring to the MP's electronic income statement.

Dovhyi owns two apartments (45 sq. m. and 413 sq. m.) in downtown Kyiv and two non-residential premises (236 sq. m. and 57 sq.m.), one of which is used as MP's public reception office. The 45-meter apartment was bought for 4.5 million hryvnia ($173,611) in 2015.

The deputy has declared 95 paintings by different famous Ukrainian artists, 12 elite watches and a number of expensive works of art. The statement also lists weapons, high-end video and audio equipment, fitness machine and elite jewelry.

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The Dovhyis keep the equivalent of some $500,000 in banks, whereas the equivalent of more than $2 million is kept in cash.

Oles Dovhyi owns a Lexus LS 460, while his wife Kateryna Horina has a Porsche Macan S purchased in mid-2014 for 1.23 million hryvnia (approx. $102,500).

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Dovhyi is the sole owner of KV Management private enterprise with its share capitalization exceeding 15 million hryvnia ($578,703). The deputy is also the ultimate beneficiary of 19 companies.

Last year, Dovhyi received a cash gift from his father, former MP Stanislav Dovhyi in the amount of 744,000 hryvnia ($28,703).

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