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 Sanctions against Russia must be maintained as long as Russian troops remain in Ukrainian territory, - Yatseniuk met with Biden

The sanctions should be extended until Russia fulfills the key security conditions in eastern Ukraine.

People's Front Party leader Arsenii Yatseniuk said after a meeting with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in Washington on Wednesday Oct. 26, which was held at the invitation of the White House, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the political force.

"The sanctions should be extended until the time when Russia fulfills the key security conditions in eastern Ukraine. My position remains unchanged: the sanctions must be maintained as long as Russia does not leave the Ukrainian territory, until the Russian troops are withdrawn from Donetsk, Luhansk and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea," Yatseniuk stressed.

According to the former Ukraine's PM, "the United States plays a key role" when it comes to the extension of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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Yatseniuk also told journalists that the U.S. advocated security measures implementation as the first and main step of the Minsk process: "We cannot tackle political issues without addressing the security ones."

"I maintain the original position which I have repeatedly voiced: security is the key condition for further debate on a political settlement," Yatseniuk explained.

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"Russia must get out of the Ukrainian territory. First is the sustainable cease-fire. It has not been achieved so far. Second is the withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons. Third - the control over the Ukrainian border must be regained. These are the three key items that are part of the Minsk deal. And it is necessary to make every effort so that Russia fulfills them," People's Front Party leader said.
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