EP might vote on visa-free travel for Ukrainians by Nov. 24, - MEP Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel, who reports on visa issues in the European Parliament, has stated that the matter of visa-free travel for Ukrainians might as well be voted in the EP prior to EU-Ukraine summit scheduled for Nov. 24. But first, the Council of the European Union needs to align its position on the issue.

Gabriel said to DW, Censor.NET reports.

Gabriel stressed that it is the Council of the European Union that must make a decision now, after which talks between major European institutions will start, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of the European Union.

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Concrete signals of strong political support have been received from several country leaders and Ukraine's friends, Gabriel said, which will hopefully affect a fast and fair decision by the Council of the European Union for the Ukrainian citizens. However, the MEP did not specify when it might happen.

The politician explained that after the Council of the European Union makes its decision, the talks might occur really soon and the text will be voted at a plenary session of the EP as soon as it's agreed upon. The upcoming session starts Nov. 21, which might as well be the period for the decision, Gabriel said.

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