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 MoD cuts company size to "improve" understaffing rate, - volunteer Mysiahin

Ukraine's Ministry of Defense has found the way to "improve" the percentage of understaffing in combat units, offering to reduce the size of companies from 99 to 78 people, which makes understaffing rate fall from 40-60 percent to 20-30 percent.

Civil volunteer Yurii Mysiahin wrote on his Censor.NET blog, describing his recent trip to the 54th Brigade.

After visiting the front line, the volunteer says that the Ministry of Defense has found the way to "improve" the percentage of understaffing in combat units by simply reducing the size of companies.

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"The pundits from the MoD have found the way to report an "improvement" in the undermanned combat units. They've simply cut the staff size. I mean... If previously a company consisted of 99 people, and the shortage of personnel made in average 40-60 percent, now it has been reduced to 78 people, and they unanimously report upwards that the understaffing is only at 20-30 percent. They might have already presented awards to everyone," Mysiahin wrote.

"The worst thing here is that the length of the front line sectors has not changed. Our infantry battalions hold some 12 to 20 km of the front line each. Such sectors are supposed to be held by a brigade that includes three battalions, rather than a single battalion. And this battalion does not just hold the line but gives the enemy a fitting rebuff. All this is accompanied by everyday shelling and the enormous fatigue and weariness of our fighters. They do not get enough sleep and rest," the volunteer remarked.

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