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 Entrance to terrorist 'Motorola's house was not guarded during elevator bombing, - Russian media

The comrades-in-arms of eliminated militant chieftain Arsen Pavlov aka 'Motorola' claim that the 24/7 security guard at the entrance to the house of the terrorist leader was taken out for unclear reasons during the assassination.

The Russian media keep investigating the details and circumstances of the elimination of one of the militants' leaders 'Motorola,' Censor.NET reports citing Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"I've rarely met Motorola, unlike his security guards. They stayed here virtually all the time. They never asked the house residents to show IDs as they knew us by sight," Mikhail, one of the residents of the house on 121 Cheliuskintsev Street in Donetsk, where the elevator bombing was committed, told the news outlet.

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"The building is cordoned off as the 'crime-scene team' is collecting evidence there. Mikhail said he had seen the damaged elevator car between the third and fourth floors," the newspaper notes.

The reporters also spoke with one of the terrorists who served in the "Sparta" gang under Motorola's command.

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"The comrades-in-arms of the deceased Motorola were guarding the entrance to his apartment building 24/7," one of the militants Vitaly said. "But many our guys consider it strange that no one was guarding the entrance at the time of the explosion for some reason and he (Motorola - Ed.) allegedly entered the house without the bodyguards. We have no idea where all of them were gone."

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As reported, on Sunday evening, Oct. 16, an improvised explosive device went off in the elevator of separatist leader 'Motorola's house. The militant was in the epicenter of the blast and suffered fatal injuries.

Later, the Russian media published a video showing the site of Motorola's murder in occupied Donetsk.

Leader of the terrorist group "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko said at a briefing in Donetsk: "We believe Petro Poroshenko has breached the truce and declared a war against us."
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