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 "The job was done to precision of second. He was blotted out under 'curators' order," - Donbas militants comment on murder of rebel leader 'Motorola'

A number of Russian activists hostile towards Ukraine and supportive of separatists and militants of Donbas have said they are certain that Arsen 'Motorola' Pavlov was killed by his foes from the "Donetsk People's Republic," not by Ukrainian saboteurs.

Censor.NET reports citing an article by Chetvertaia Vlast.

"Those who knew how heavily guarded 'Motorola' was, realized immediately how absurd the version about a saboteur group sounds. Even if we presume that a recon group [of Ukraine - ed.] could penetrate into Donetsk, then how could the saboteurs manage to enter the heavily guarded building to which only a limited number of persons had access? Such tricks are only possible in poor-quality action movies," the news outlet wrote quoting several pro-separatist activists of the Donbas.

"The following is clear as of now. The commander was killed by an explosion of a bomb attached inside a garbage disposal unit next to the elevator cabin. It was detonated exactly the moment when Arsen [Pavlov] entered the elevator and the doors closed but before it started to move up. This means the job was done to a precision of second. ... It also required access to the house and ability to see when Arsen entered the building... as well as lengthy manipulations [of bomb implementation - ed.] that could not have been hidden from the guards.

"Thus the version of a "Ukrainian saboteur group" is untenable. Ukrainian saboteurs have no access to the building and ability to spend time there and do some manipulations without being noticed by the security. The murder was committed by some allies of the Kyiv junta who were able to disguise as 'friends' and prepare the terrorist attack," a comment in a popular separatist public group reads.

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Some other separatist 'speakers' expressed similar opinions.

Former militant commander Igor Strelkov, who fought alongside 'Motorola' in Sloviansk, wrote that the murdered militant's security was top-level, including at his residence.

"No strangers could enter the building," he commented.

Another "Strelkov" gang member Mikhail Polynkov wrote that he even knew call signs of people who murdered Pavlov. He said he was passing the names and call signs to Strelkov and asked Strelkov "to act honestly" with this information in case he is eliminated.

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Stalinist writer Maxim Kalashnikov in his LiveJournal post quotes Yevgeny Shabaev, official representative of the "Donetsk republic" in Moscow, as saying that "people's leaders are being eliminated by orders of 'curators.' The latter want to stuff the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics into Ukraine as fast as possible."

"It's almost a fact that Russia is implementing a scenario of elimination of field commanders of the Donbas militants in its seized territories, those who were in this conflict since its beginning. Only a few of them are left, and they risk repeating the fate of 'Motorola.' ...

"Idea-driven fighters were needed only at the beginning of the conflict. ... Now their time is up. A stage of a long diplomatic struggle is taking off, during which the Russian leadership will attempt integrating the occupied areas of the Donbas back into Ukraine at the best conditions for the Kremlin. Freaky field commanders are not needed in this struggle," the authors of the article sum up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n410846