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 Ill-famed terrorist Motorola eliminated in Donetsk


According to preliminary data, one of "DPR" militant chieftains Arseny Pavlov also known as 'Motorola' has been assassinated in Donetsk.

As reported by Censor.NET, a source told Interfax.

"The early reports indicated that an improvised bomb exploded inside the elevator in the apartment building where Motorola lived. The terrorist received fatal injuries as he was within the blast zone at that time," the statement reads.

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The "DPR's" Defense Ministry" confirmed Motorola's death. According to preliminary data, Motorola was killed in a terrorist operation conducted by a Ukrainian subversive group. A remotely-activated explosive device was triggered inside an elevator as he was on his way home," the terrorists' "ministry" told Interfax.

The militants' death was also confirmed on one of the terrorists' public forums: "We confirm Motorola's (Arseny Pavlov's) death. According to preliminary data, it was a bomb planted inside the elevator."

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