"The ball is now in US court, decision is up to them," - Poltorak on lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine

The United States understands Ukraine’s needs, what Ukraine requires in the first place, but the ball is still in the U.S. court today and the decision to provide lethal weapons is up to them.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said on air of Channel 5, Censor.NET reports.

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"My deep belief is that we must do our best to build the army capable to defend Ukraine on its own and then count on someone's help in order to be independent of the decision of the Senate or governments of other states. As for the process you have mentioned (the adoption of the law by the U.S. Congress to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine - Ed.), it is still to be reviewed and adopted," the minister said.

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"The president of Ukraine has done everything possible for us to get weapons. I have repeatedly met with U.S Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Our last meeting was held in London. They understand our needs, what we require in the first place. But I think that the ball is still in the United States' court today. The decision is up to them," Stepan Poltorak added.
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