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 EU discusses extension of diplomatic sanctions against Russia, - Radio Poland

The European Union is still debating stiffening of sanctions against Russia over its activities in Syria. The EU member states have reached no common stance so far.

Censor.NET reports citing Radio Poland.

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According to the news outlet, the stiffening of diplomatic sanctions against Russia was voiced during discussions. The expansion of the "black list" of people who will be denied entry to the EU as well as attachment of their assets in Europe is meant. In particular, Germany and the UK uphold this view. The proposal to ban export of technologies that could be used by Russia in weapons production was voiced. However, the unaccredited sources told Radio Poland that such a restriction is infeasible since the EU had not yet reached a common stance.

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The narrative also changed following the air strikes on Syria. It was doubtful that the EU would be able to reach an agreement on the extension of the existing economic sanctions imposed in connection with the Russian aggression in Ukraine until recently. The restrictive measures will expire in late January while several countries (Italy, Hungary, Greece, and Cyprus) are inclined to lift the sanctions. "These countries lack arguments in favor of improving relations with Russia now in the context of recent developments in Syria," the EU representatives told Radio Poland.
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