"If she indeed meets these bastards, not clear what I was doing then for I protected her from people like that," - lawyer Feygin on Savchenko's visit to occupied territories

Lawyer Mark Feygin does not understand why his former client Nadiia Savchenko visited occupied territories and met 'puppets who decide nothing.'

He said this on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel on Friday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"Honestly, I do not understand Nadia (Savchenko - ed.). She is certainly an amazing person. If her intentions are sincere, and I believe they are - to save captive Ukrainian fighters - that is noble, but it's a dead end. I've been telling her that the people there are puppets who decide nothing," Feygin said.

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He noted his former client did not tell him about her plans to visit her jailers and said he did not understand how she could talk to them at first place.

"They wanted to kill her, execute her, rape her altogether. If she indeed meets those bastards, that's amazing! But then it's not clear what I was doing, for I protected her from people like them," Feygin said.

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He said he had no right to give advice to Savchenko.

"She is a free person and can do what she believes is right," the lawyer summed up.
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