Russia officially recognized granting asylum to Yanukovych, - lawyer

Russia's General Migration Service (GMS) has officially confirmed that Viktor Yanukovych is staying in Russia on the basis of granted temporary asylum, and the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) of Ukraine is well aware of the fact, according to Vitalii Serdiuk, lawyer of the fugitive Ukrainian president.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Inerfax-Ukraine referring to Serdiuk, citizen of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was granted temporary asylum in the Russian Federation that as evidenced by a corresponding certificate (series: ВУ, No. 0107999) issued by Russia's GMS in the Rostov region.

According to the lawyer, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine has been justifying the lack of progress in the Maidan case against Yanukovych by the absence of evidence of his stay in the territory of Russia. For the same reason, the PGO refused to conduct his interrogation and confrontations with current senior Ukrainian officials as well as refer the case to court.

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"The PGO has lost its last argument for any further postponement of the investigation as well as for refusal to conduct interrogations, confrontations, and other investigative actions with the participation of Viktor Yanukovych and refer the case to court," Serdiuk remarked.

He also addressed the investigator of the Department for Special Investigations of the PGO with a request to update the materials of the case with a copy of the letter by the GMS, resume the pre-trial investigation and refer the case to court as soon as possible.

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As also noted, the letter refutes rumors about Yanukovych's alleged change of citizenship.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n410396