Pukach claims he was forced to name Poroshenko, Turchynov, Tymoshenko, Lutsenko and dozens of other politicians as involved in Gongadze's murder

Oleksii Pukach, sentenced for the murder of journalist Heorhii Gongadze, said during today's court meeting that he was under constant pressure both during the investigation and following trial.

A Censor.NET correspondent reports.

Pukach claims he was repeatedly visited by prosecutor and unknown persons. Being tried, he was taken from the jail to the Prosecutor General's Office.

"What for? To make me bring in "The Kaniv Four" [top candidates during Ukraine's 1999 presidential election - ed.], former Prime Minister Yevhen Marchuk, Oleksandr Moroz [former Socialist Party leader - ed.]... All necessary papers were ready [for signing - ed]. If I had signed them, some 50 people would be standing trial today. But I took everything on myself, pleaded guilty, and did not agree to sign the papers! I would like to mention some more names - Ivan Pliushch, all the speakers of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleksandr Tkachenko. It's all rather tricky. Yuliia Tymoshenko, Turchynov, the list is quite lengthy! It included Poroshenko and Lutsenko as well," Pukach said.

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According to Pukach, he was required to give false testimony about the motives [for Gongadze's murder - ed.] of late Yurii Kravchenko, Ukraine's former Interior Minister.

"They wanted to add a bit of an intrigue. As if Kravchenko's personal motive was a rivalry with Gongadze over Olena Prytula [one of Ukrainska Pravda founders - ed.] There were so many intrigues! But I give you my word, Kravchenko had never had any personal motive," the convict noted.

In his speech, Pukach mentions the names of certain law enforcers - Roman Shubin, who died in a road accident in 2012, and Pavlo Matveiev.

Human rights activist and journalist Oleksii Podolskyi, Pukach's another victim, made a crime allegation and demanded that the court order an investigation.

The court finally ruled to address the prosecutor general of Ukraine with a statement on coercion against Pukach so that the case will be entered in the Unified Register of pre-trial decisions and a proper investigation will be launched.

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The Supreme Specialized Court has started the hearing of the cassation appeal of ex-Chief of Interior Ministry's Directed Surveillance Department Oleksii Pukach sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of journalist Heorhii Gongadze.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n410163