"Hollande takes too much upon himself," - Avakov on French president's statement on Donbas

French President Francois Hollande's proposals on the implementation of the Minsk agreements that he voiced yesterday at the PACE session are unacceptable for Ukraine. France should abandon the policy of "appeasement" and focus on Ukraine's support.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote in his Censor.NET blog post.

"Francois Hollande, the president of France, speaking at the PACE session, expressed things that are absolutely unacceptable for Ukraine. He said that elections should be held in the Donbas in first place, and only then Russian occupation troops will have to withdraw from the Ukrainian territory and return control over the Ukrainian-Russian border to Ukraine. He wants elections to take place as soon as the cease-fire and troop withdrawal are implemented!

"The French president takes too much upon himself! First we had those ugly remarks by French Foreign Minister Ayrault during his visit to Ukraine. Now it is President Hollande's statement... I tell you, Mr. Hollande, don't you dare tell us to surrender Ukraine's territory and lives of millions of our citizens to Putin's regime just because it seems convenient to you!" the minister remarked.

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"You stepped in to help Ukraine stop the Russian aggression?... So do it and don't betray Ukraine by paying Putin off with the partition of our country!.. Do you want elections to be held at the gunpoint of Russian occupation forces?" Avakov wondered.

He urged Hollande to remember the lessons of history, in particular the stance of Western Europe towards the Nazi Germany.

"The developments in Ukraine have taught you nothing. Have a look at Syria! Or you'll start seeing things clearly only when the hybrid Pax Russica [Russian hegemony - ed.] comes knocking at the France's border!? Your suggestions and interpretations concerning the settlement of the war in the Donbas are unacceptable and outrageous for any genuine Ukrainian. By yielding Ukraine to Putin, you will lose Europe, lose your freedom," the minister concluded.

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On Oct. 11, during his speech at the PACE session, Hollande suggested his vision of the prioritization of the items of the Minsk agreements: cease-fire, security, seizure of weapons, elections, border control. This caused an outrage of the Ukrainian side.

Head of Ukraine's Permanent Mission to PACE Volodymyr Ariev said: "Even after the Russian slap in Hollande's face at the UN session, he doesn't deem it necessary to take a harder line."

Ukraine's Ambassador Volodymyr Khandohii advised Hollande "to re-read the text of the Minsk agreements."
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