Volunteers disclose composition of Russian 36th brigade's tactical group that might have fought in Donbas

Volunteer investigators have revealed information on the combat personnel of a company tactical group of the 36th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian army which might have been involved in hostilities in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, volunteers of InformNapalm international investigation community came across the data while surfing through social media pages of Russian soldiers.

The company tactical group of the 36th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian army is based in Zabaikalye Territory, town of Borzya. From spring to fall of 2015, it was stationed in the Rostov region, according to the revealed data.

The list of the group's combat personnel included:

• Group's commander (call sign Ruda 03 (03));
• 1st motorized infantry platoon (call sign Naves 80 (10));
• 2nd motorized rifle platoon (call sign Nikel 60 (20));
• 3rd motorized infantry platoon (callsign Lotos 94 (30));
• Mortar battery (call sign Domino 54);
• Grenade launcher platoon (call sign Nalog 55);
• Medical unit (call sign Kozhukh 43);
• Engineering and demining platoon (call sign Kletka 77);
• Anti-tank unit (call sign Akatsiya 98);
• Anti-aircraft unit (call sign Uspekh 52);
• Tank platoon (call sign Radon 65);
• Evacuation team (call sign Regata 29);
• Self-propelled howitzer battery (call sign Bagrets 13);
• Control-room operator (call sign Yastreb 30). Used radio frequencies: 44625 MHz (primary), 49250 MHz (secondary).

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As also noted, the group had air defense weapons, a tank platoon and an SPG battery in service, namely:

• 40 T-72B tanks;
• one T-72BK tank;
• 120 IFVs (BMP-2);
• 15 light multi-purpose armored towing vehicles (MT-LB);
• 18 Grad rocket systems;
• 36 Akatsiya 152 mm self-propelled guns;
• 18 Sani 120 mm mortars;
• 12 Rapira 100 mm guns;
• 12 Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank missile systems;
• 36 APCs (BTR-80);
• four amphibious armored patrol cars (BRDM-2);
• one Buk-M1 self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile system;
• six Strela-10 highly mobile surface-to-air missile systems;
• six Tunguska self-propelled surface-to-air gun and missile systems.

"We emphasize that the data on the composition of the company tactical group relates to the period of its spring and fall trips in 2015. It had been found and communicated to corresponding authorities earlier," the investigators say.

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