"I’ve taken on Putin and others, and I would do that as president," - nominee Clinton

Russia hasn’t paid any attention to ISIS for they’re interested in keeping Assad in power.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Fortune, this was stated by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during debates with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Oct. 9.

Clinton is certain that Russian President Putin's interest in Syria is to keep Syria's Bashar al-Assad in power instead of fighting ISIS.

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"There is a determined effort by the Russian air force to destroy Aleppo in order to eliminate the last of the Syrian rebels who are really holding out against the Assad regime," Clinton pointed out.

Democratic presidential nominee emphasized that "what is at stake here is the ambitions and the aggressiveness of Russia. Russia has decided that it's all in, in Syria. And they've also decided who they want to see become president of the United States, too, and it's not me. I've stood up to Russia. I've taken on Putin and others, and I would do that as president."

"We need some leverage with the Russians, because they are not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution, unless there is some leverage over them. And we have to work more closely with our partners and allies on the ground," Clinton said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n409781