Syrian opposition called on EU to introduce sanctions against Russia due to war crimes

The Syrian opposition has called on the European Union to introduce sanctions against Russia due to war crimes committed by the state.

Censor.NET reports citing Anadolu news agency.

Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) member Bassma Kodmani also urged the EU to consider every option for civilian protection after Russia's direct involvement and support for the Assad regime's indiscriminate bombardment of Aleppo and across Syria.

"Advanced Russian weaponry, including 'Bunker Buster' bombs used against civilian and medical infrastructure, are causing unprecedented destruction and civilian casualties, particularly in Eastern Aleppo. At least 400 civilians have been killed there since the start of the regime's and Russia's indiscriminate bombardment campaign," Kodmani said.

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It was reported earlier that State Duma, the lower house of Russia's parliament, has ratified a Russian-Syrian agreement on the indefinite deployment of Russia's air task force in Syria. The document was signed in Damascus on Aug. 26, 2015 and submitted by the Russian president to the State Duma for consideration almost a year after - on Aug. 9, 2016.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n409611