Pashynskii resigns as Ukroboronprom's supervisory board chairman

People's deputy Serhii Pashynskii has resigned from the post of supervisory board chairman of Ukroboronprom (Ukraine's defense industry) state concern and is set to concentrate on attracting investors in the defense industry.

He said it at a round-table discussion in Gorshenin Institute, Censor.NET reports citing LB.

"During the Soviet era, Ukraine's military-industrial complex potential was enormous. The country produced everything: intercontinental ballistic missiles, armored vehicles, tanks and other weaponry," Pashynskii said.

However, the MP stressed, this potential has been almost completely destroyed over the last 25 years.

"And when the war broke out in 2014, we faced it without an effective army and with numerous defense plants, some of which had trees growing on the roof. In such circumstances, we had to rebuild the army and restore the potential of our military-industrial complex," he recalled.

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According to Pashynskii, tremendous work has been done in the past two years and a half, but it is still not enough. The MP believes there is no way to develop Ukroboronprom without foreign investment and up-to-date technologies. So he decided to concentrate on the institutional changes in the defense industry and attracting investors in Ukraine. In order to exclude any allegations of abusive practices, he decided to resign as the chairman of Ukroboronprom's supervisory board.

"There is an ambiguity in the fact I am at the same time the head of the committee [Verkhovna Rada's National Security and Defense Committee - ed.] and the chairman of Ukroboronprom's supervisory board. So I decided to ask the president to discharge me as the chairman of Ukroboronprom's supervisory board. I am going to concentrate on lobbying the military-industrial complex rather than Ukroboronprom," Pashynskii remarked.
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