“Sushchenko deprived of right to counsel. FSB realizes situation could change drastically if I meet with my client,” – lawyer Feygin

According to preliminary information, Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko was taken hostage by the FSB Sept. 30 – on the day of his arrival in the territory of Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET, Sushchenko's lawyer Mark Feygin said on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel commenting on the case brought against the Ukrainian journalist.

Feygin explained that FSB investigator had not sent a permission to visit Sushchenko to the detention facility, as required by the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).

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"Since there is sensitive information constituting state secrets in the case, the CPC stipulates that he (the investigator - Ed.) should take this visit permit to the detention center. The problem is that the investigator and the detention center are in the same building. Lefortovo prison and the FSB Investigation Directorate are situated in one and the same building. And they usually need a few hours at most in order to do this. In fact, the CPC gives him the right to submit the written response in a three-day term.

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"There should have been no obstacles since I have personally brought my application to take the case to the Investigation Directorate and the relevant warrant for the jail keeper, because I should have started defending my client immediately. In particular, the arrest was imposed on him as a pretrial restriction while I should have immediately appealed against it. That means that he is deprived of his right to counsel. Are there any obstacles to ensure this right? There are none. Therefore, no instruction has been given, no decision whether to grant me access or not has been yet taken. It has apparently been suspended due to some troubles.

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"If he renounced me right away, I would be granted permission to visit him without a delay. In this particular case, they have obviously reached no agreement. They realize that if I meet with my client, the situation may change drastically and we will learn a lot of things that they want to keep under wraps," the counsel explained.

He also told that according to preliminary information, the Ukrainian was detained Sept. 30 - on the day of his arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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"Furthermore, now we understand how he arrived and was detained. It happened on the same day, Sept. 30. Roughly speaking, according to the investigators, he arrived and started spying straight away and was immediately arrested. There are still a lot of details that should better not be discussed publicly so far," Feygin said adding that he was just heading to visit Sushchenko in the remand prison.

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