Zaverukha, Romaniuk, and Kosheliuk to remain in custody for two more months

On Oct.1, 2016, the Appeal Court of Kyiv has decided to leave Vita Zaverukha, Andrii Romaniuk, and Yevhen Kosheliuk suspected of killing police officers on May 4, 2015 in custody for two more months.

Activist Alina Bondar wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Zaverukha, Romaniuk, and Kosheliuk's detention was prolonged for another 60 days," she wrote.

суд завируха

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A shootout in the Lisovyi district of Kyiv was reported early hours May 4, 2015. According to the Interior Ministry, unknown persons robbed a gas station and killed several policemen while escaping. As it turned out, the killed were former Berkut officers involved in beating of Avtomaidan Members and crashing of cars in Kriposnyi lane during Maidan protests. Later, the police arrested the suspects, Zaverukha, Romaniuk, and Kosheliuk among them. Today, they have been brought to the Appeal Court of Kyiv to chose the measure of restraint.

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