Amsterdam-Moscow relations to change following Russian ambassador’s visit to Dutch Foreign Ministry over MH17 probe, - Ukraine’s ambassador Horin

The relations between Russia and the Netherlands will change and shift from the ambassadorial level after the Russian ambassador's visit to the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands.

This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands Oleksandr Horin, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine.

"The level [of relations] will not remain ambassadorial. The relations will undergo changes. The narrative will be changed anyway," Horin said.

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According to him, the topic of conversation in Amsterdam itself is not as important as its format.

"When an ambassador is summoned to a Foreign Ministry, this is a very significant step on the part of the country accepting a diplomatic agent. It was caused by the statement the Russian Foreign Ministry made yesterday. It was made in a very undiplomatic manner questioning findings of the joint investigation team (JIT) coordinated by the Netherlands. The Netherlands are trying to be politically correct," the ambassador said.

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He stressed that it was not even a report on MH17 crash but the interim findings of the investigation that JIT released.

"This preliminary investigation provided the facts only. These facts have been proven. This is not a theory or some possible scenarios anymore. These are concrete facts. And these concrete facts were not recognized by the Russian Federation, but caused a firestorm instead including an affront to the Netherlands. I think that no one will follow the old scenarios anymore since there are concrete facts that the Russian Buk has entered the territory of Ukraine, fired at the aircraft, killed 298 people, two thirds of which were Dutch. It left the territory [of Ukraine] after that. These are proven facts. And the investigation into these facts will definitely go further. All possible leads will be probed," Horin noted.

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As reported earlier, findings of JIT investigating the MH17 Boeing downing above separatist-controlled areas on July 17, 2014, were presented to the public Sept. 28.

The JIT said the plane was shot down with a Buk missile from a separatist-controlled area. The missile launcher arrived there from Russia, investigators say. They have identified about 100 people involved in the transportation and shooting.

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Censor.NET has been reporting about the investigation of the crash investigation progress and published exclusive photos of the hangar and the submunitions of Russian missile Buk-M1-2, featured in the criminal investigation. Prosecutor's Offices of the Netherlands and Australia have prepared convincing evidence. It was established that submunitions that hit the Boeing exactly match those from the warhead of the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile Buk-M1-2. The system was developed in 1997, put into service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 1998, and was never delivered to Ukraine. In addition, independent experts from Germany, England and Poland studied the fragments of the debris and concluded they were part of a Russian Buk missile. Modern chemical analysis has identified the composition of the metal and found parts of the glass and skin of the same downed Boeing that had been cut by these elements prior to hitting the people.

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In November 2015, President Poroshenko visited the Netherlands and said that Ukraine was employing its membership in the UN Security Council for investigation of the MH17 tragedy.

In May 2016, Australian law firm LHD filed a lawsuit against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin to the European Court for Human Rights on behalf of relatives of those killed in the Malaysian Boeing MH17. The lawsuit names Putin as accused defendant and demands $10 million for each killed passenger.

On July 17, 2016 President Poroshenko said that Russia was the only country inhibiting the investigation into the MH17 crash.

"Russia, abusing the right of veto, blocked the decision of the UN Security Council to establish the International Tribunal to investigate the downing of MH17, which is an indirect and logical proof of its involvement in the crime. In spite of this, we and our partners are working and doing everything necessary to ensure accountability of all those behind this tragedy," the head of state remarked.
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