"No place for antisemitism in country we are building", - Poroshenko

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko stresses there is no place for antisemitism in modern Ukraine.

He said this during a presentation of a movie about the Babyn Yar tragedy in Kyiv on Thursday, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"We are building a country with no place for antisemitism, with our unity being a guarantee of our victories, overcoming of obstacles, and our future successes," Poroshenko said.

The president noted the Holocaust Memorial in Babyn Yar in Kyiv should become a place of honor and respect of all Ukrainians, despite the ethnicity behind the tragedy.

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"It's extremely important that the entire humanity remembers of the roots and bloody facts of the Holocaust, and for this memory to serve as a warning to our living and future generations about the dangers of hatred, fanaticism, racism, and intolerance," Poroshenko said.

On Sept. 19, 1941 Kyiv was occupied by German Nazi. On Sept. 28, 1941, leaflets were posted across the city ordering all Jews to arrive at Babyn Yar vicinity. Sept. 29-30, 1941, the first executions of Jews took place.

The total of 100 to 200 thousand of people were buried in Babyn Yar over the years of Nazi occupation. Not only Jews, but other ethnic groups, Red Army POWs, OUN-UPA POWs, Roma, and mentally disabled people were executed.

After the WWII, the Soviet authorities attempted to conceal the tragedy of Babyn Yar. In 1966, on the 25th anniversary of the events, protests were held. After them, a monument was erected on the site.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n408182