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 U.S. to deliver 2,000 night vision goggles for Ukrainian Army by end of month, - U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Slotkin

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Elissa Slotkin has also announced additional delivery of 3,000 night vision goggles in 2017.

She said in an exclusive interview with Censor.NET.

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"I know that the big delivery this month is on night vision goggles. We will have 2,000 delivered by the end of this month. We just spoke with the chief of defense today, and they were extremely happy about the delivery of the night vision goggles because it allows on training on night operations. We've just delivered the armored ambulances and the training that goes with armed ambulances - five of them. And then we have another round of night vision goggles - about 3,000 - coming early in 2017," Slotkin said.

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"To be honest, I am not totally familiar with the delivery schedule, but a lot of these pieces of equipment that just enable a higher level of sophistication of operations on the ground, both to care for the wounded, which is really important, but also operating at night. This is a fundamental and important capacity that we really wanted the Ukrainian military to have," the U.S. assistant secretary of defense stressed.

Full text of the interview with Elissa Slotkin can be read here.

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