Purge underway in “LPR”: "interior minister" and "parliament’s ex-speaker” arrested, - journalist Kazanskyi

The self-proclaimed “Luhansk People's Republic’s” "top officials” continue being apprehended, although the information about “LPR’s” "ex-prime minister” Tsypkalov is scattered and not confirmed by the leadership of the illegal entity. Meanwhile, activists of the so-called "DPR" discuss reports about arrest of “LPR’s” ex-Interior Minister Igor Kornet and "head of the “LPR’s” National Assembly" Alexei Karyakin.

Censor.NET reports citing journalist and blogger Denys Kazanskyi.

"The information on the murder of Kiselev has not been confirmed. He was captured on camera today. However, he was pretty cheerless and without his leather cap) But other backbones of the "republic" were reportedly arrested.

"War correspondent for "DPR" Marina Kharkova told us about more arrests. FSB detained fugitive Karyakin in Rostov. He was put on wanted list by "LPR Prosecutor General's Office" a few days ago. And judging the mortality rate among other suspects in the coup against Plotnitsky, I would not be surprised if this one will "hang himself" or die of "heart attack" soon. "LPR's" 'ex-Interior Minister' Igor Kornet is also in custody.

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"Even the separatists are bug-eyed with surprise after such developments. It is clear for everyone that this is no war for "Novorossia" but the bloody stupid infighting between yesterday's "heroes of Russian Spring" slaying each other without any hesitation," Denys Kazanskyi wrote in his blog.

"DPR's" journalist Marina Kharkova wrote that the recent developments in Luhansk were depressing as 'Interior Minister' Kornet was arrested by the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Rostov-on-Don, commander was apprehended, etc. They will be charged with illegal arms and drug trafficking and coup. She was surprised that these people were not traitors and conspirators a year or two ago. The correspondent looked forward for reports from the "LPR" that all mentioned persons were initially the agents of the Security Service of Ukraine or the Right Sector.

As reported, the "LPR" militants put one of their leaders, "LPR's" National Assembly" Head Alexei Karyakin on the wanted list.

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