"I support humanism but oppose indulging recidivists," - Avakov calls to immediately amend ‘Savchenko law’

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov slams the Savchenko law allowing to count one day spent in remand prison for two days of sentence.

The official wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

The minister wrote: "I definitely support humanism and all that stuff. But this must be stopped, my dear MPs. This refers to the implementation of the Savchenko law.

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"8,200 prisoners and detainees have been released from jail under this law adopted by Rada as of now. 34,000 (!!!) convicts are to be released from prison within a year.

"785 of those released have again been convicted of crimes, including 22 cases of murder, 18 of grievous bodily harm, 10 rapes, 405 thefts, 131 robberies, 66 armed robberies, 39 frauds, 20 cases of hooliganism and other crimes. And this statistics only includes those nabbed, those who were detained. Judging from the current crime-solving rate, unfortunately, at least as many criminals are beyond our radar.

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"I have a thick file with the list of crimes committed last month in front of me. It also includes description of offenses and personal files of detainees falling under the Savchenko law. The pictures, the horrible images of death... How can I convince the MPs that it is vital to urgently resolve the situation?

"I have been writing and erasing the entire paragraphs describing violent murders, robberies, and rapes. I understand that it may be unpleasant for you to read this after all. However, this error must be corrected! The price we are paying is too high.

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"I support humanism but I oppose indulging recidivists. We cannot afford tolerating people committing serious crimes in the current situation. It undermines the foundations of security in the society and boosts rise in crime.

"I call on the lawmakers, I request and demand, I need you to do whatever it takes to immediately intervene and amend this law," Avakov summed up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n406889