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 “Foreign partners were constantly asking not to engage in saber-rattling, not to mobilize population, not to provoke Russia in 2014," - Turchynov

Ukraine's foreign partners made it clear in spring of 2014 that if the Russian armed forces invaded the territory of continental Ukraine, they would be unable to provide military assistance.

As reported by Censor.NET, National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said in an interview with UNIAN news agency.

"Ukraine has created one of the most efficient armies in Europe virtually from scratch in a very short period. We are outmanned and outgunned comparing to Russia, but our troops are ready to defend their country and resist the superior forces of the aggressor nevertheless. Russia realized that it could not bring Ukraine to its knees. They failed to do it in 2014, even more so, they will fail to do it now as we have managed to restore the defense capability and create efficient army," the NSDC secretary stressed.

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"A capable army is featured not by its size, but by its willingness and ability to fulfill combat missions. Frankly speaking, not everyone is thrilled by our increasing defense capability which makes us become mainly self-sustaining and act according to our national interest. In 2014, when we experienced a major shortage of time, sinews of war, weapons, and the like, I held intense talks with our foreign partners. I reminded them of the Budapest Memorandum, told them that we required assistance. But our partners were patting my shoulder saying something like: "Hang on. We will bear down upon Russia through diplomatic channels." I was constantly asked not to engage in saber-rattling, not to mobilize the population, not to provoke Russia in other words. They made it clear that if the Russian armed forces invaded the territory of the continental Ukraine, they would be unable to provide the military assistance," Turchynov said.

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"But I clearly understood that no diplomatic efforts would stop the Russian aggression, it (Russia - Ed.) would only reckon with force. I had no right to take other decisions. We had to defend our country. We started training troops and redeploying them from the west to the east. I signed a decree on mobilization, the National Guard was created, and the volunteer battalions started to be formed within the Interior Ministry... I planned the first stage of military draft in view of the number of army boots, which our enterprises were capable to produce. We were even unable to provide the soldiers with boots!" the NSDC secretary explained.

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"We did not receive a single cartridge then not to mention more sophisticated weapons. Today we have both weapons and troops. However, we still haven't obtained a single unit of lethal weapons from our partners," Turchynov said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n405803