Partners of Putin’s crony Medvedchuk to supply Ukrainian Defense Ministry with Russian-produced diesel worth almost 400 million hryvnia, - Nashi Hroshi

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of Prykarpatzakhidtrans owned by South-West Joint-Stock Company for Pipeline Transportation of Oil Products for the supply of diesel worth 399,830,000 hryvnia (about $15,100,000) Sept. 1.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Nashi Hroshi project, this information is available on Prozorro public e-procurement system.

According to Prozorro, C class diesel fuel in the amount of 28,400 tons is to be delivered to Ukraine's MoD at a price of 14,078 hryvnia per ton until December 2016.

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This price is 26 percent cheaper than the average wholesale market one for higher quality Euro-5 diesel fuel, which now costs 19,060 hryvnia, according to OilNews.

The contract for the supply of Russian fuel was concluded Sept. 1, 2016. However, OilNews informed that Russia had cut off fuel supplies to Ukraine a few days after as the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control decided to terminate most licenses previously issued to the exporters.

Prykarpatzakhidtrans owns Samara-West pipeline carrying Russian oil products to EU member countries via Ukraine.

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The company's ultimate beneficiary is German national Anatoly Schaefer who owns Switzerland-based International Trading Partners AG, which purchased South-West Joint-Stock Company for Pipeline Transportation of Oil Products from Russian Transneft last March.

Among others, International Trading Partners AG has companies related to Russian President Vladimir Putin's crony Viktor Medvedchuk among its contractors.

According to A-95 Consulting Group Head Serhii Kuiun, "it is obvious to everyone that the Russian petroleum products will be supplied to Ukrainian consumers under cover of a Swiss enterprise."

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