Cabinet changes rules for calculation of subsidies for unemployed pensioners

Calculation of subsidies for unemployed pensioners should be based on their income for the month preceding the application rather than for the previous year, the Cabinet has ruled.

Censor.NET reports referring to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the minister, the decision comes as a government response to numerous requests from those Ukrainians who in 2015 worked and received wages or wages and pensions but left their work in 2016 for various reasons and live on the pension only.

"It brought about a misunderstanding among the population as to why the government considers their income that is not relevant today. For instance, why does it consider the 2015 income, which has already been spent, calculating a 2016 subsidy? Therefore, we've made a socially equitable decision - to meet pensioners' requests as their income has decreased in comparison with the past year," the ministry notes referring to Social Policy Minister Andrii Reva.

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As also reported, the decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting Sept. 8 and will come into force in the near future.

Therefore, all unemployed pensioners who have applied for a subsidy this September will get it based on the size of their monthly pension instead of a comprehensive income for 2015.
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