U.S. House Speaker Ryan calls Putin aggressor and adversary

In his first news conference since Congress returned from its seven-week summer break, Ryan was once again put on the spot about an outlandish remark by Donald Trump.

This time, Ryan had to distance himself from Trump's comments Wednesday night praising Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, Censor.NET reports citing NY Daily News.

"Vladimir Putin is an aggressor who does not share our interests," Ryan said at a news conference when asked about Trump's latest praise for Putin.

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"It certainly appears that he is conducting state-sponsored cyberattacks on what appears to be our political system," Ryan continued, disputing Trump's comments that those attacks haven't been proven.

"That is not acting in our interests, and that is an adversarial stance. (Putin) is acting like an adversary."

U.S. intelligence officials have said Russia is almost certainly behind the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee's email system.

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Earlier this summer, Trump had even encouraged Russia to conduct more cyber-espionage - an act tantamount to treason - in order to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton's emails once housed on a private server when she was secretary of state.

Ryan, who has endorsed Trump for President, has had to bend himself into a pretzel at times to defend him - and often disavow some of Trump's crazy rhetoric.
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