Kyiv issues ultimatum against Moscow on international use of Antonov aircraft

Kyiv will seek a ban on Russia's international flights of Antonov planes if the Russian side stops accepting Ukraine's maintenance of the aircraft.

Oleksandr Kotsiuba, president of Antonov State Company, said on Wednesday, Sept. 7, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"The companies that operate Antonov aircraft in Russia make active attempts to distance themselves from Antonov SC as a developer and transfer this function to Russian companies, namely Ilyushin Design Bureau. They may update their rules, laws, do whatever they like. Another issue is that we, as a developer, have the right to impose a ban on their flights outside Russia," Kotsuba said.

He noted that Antonov SC completely fulfills its functions in terms of aircraft maintenance.

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"Of course, we will put a ban on flights outside Russia, because it is the image of the company, these are our planes, which were constructed here, and if someone assumes the maintenance bypassing Antonov SC, we simply can not guarantee the safety of these flights," he stressed.

Antonov most prominent models include Soviet mass-produced single-engine agricultural aircraft An-2 ("Kukuruznik"), passenger plane An-24, large cargo plane An-124 ("Ruslan") and the world's largest airplane An-225 ("Mriia").
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