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 Poroshenko urges MPs to adopt bill on special confiscation to fund defense order

Adoption of the bill on special confiscation is vital for funding state defense order.

As reported by Censor.NET, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in his annual address to the parliament.

"Allocation of 3 percent of the gross domestic product for defense needs is a lot compared to barely 1 percent that was ignored by the government back in the mid-noughties. However this is next to nothing for the country, which is de facto at war. But, unfortunately, we cannot actually afford an expenditures increase. The burden of military expenditures on the budget and social sphere is already tremendous. Therefore, the army still requires assistance and support of the civil society. The state is grateful to everyone whose private initiative strengthens our defense capability," the president said.

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"We are going to use available resources efficiently, under the transparent monitoring of the public and parliament, closely monitor spending clearly defining long-term needs of the army and the security forces. The army started receiving not only refurbished and upgraded equipment, but also the advanced and new hardware. Over 20 new types of weapons were introduced into service last year. I think the Defense Ministry will also adopt more than 20 this year. I emphasize that it's only the very beginning of the modernization process in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I highlight that we have still a good deal of work to do," Poroshenko stressed.

According to the president of Ukraine, it is necessary to look for additional funding for the defense sector. In particular, confiscation of the property embezzled during Yanukovych tenure may become such a resource.

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"The bill on special confiscation which is an important source of financing for the defense order in the current year has become a stumbling rock. My dear friends! It is our duty to the country, and I once again urge you to support the law in its current version, which will allay all your fears. Please, make the amendments you think are necessary but adopt this law and ensure the defense order funding," the head of state said.
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