Poroshenko says next Ukraine’s military draft depends on Moscow’s actions

Russia continues increasing its military presence at the border with Ukraine, so the threat of an offensive on the part of the aggressor remains high. However, the overall "conflict degree" is much lower now than it was in previous two years.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at today's meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

"It became possible to suspend the next military draft and discharge soldiers of the previous one from the front line this year as 50,000 volunteers have stood up for the defense of the homeland," the president noted.

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However, he stressed that he personally would not want either military draft or martial law imposition.

"I see a very different future for our country. But it is Moscow that will give a conclusive answer to the question whether we will hold a new partial mobilization, or, heaven forbid, the full-scale military draft. Our border with Russia is the longest one in Europe. The land border only is 2,000 km long. Russia is constantly increasing its military presence at our border in the first place, rattling sabers at the western and north-western strategic directions. The level of the armed aggression from the southern direction remains high as well.


"The Russian terrorist troops in the Donbas consist of nearly 38,500 soldiers, more than 600 tanks, 1,250 combat armored vehicles, 751 units of cannon artillery, more than 300 multiple launch rocket systems. And, unfortunately, we have not seen as much progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements as we would like to," the head of state said.

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However, according to Poroshenko, the direct offensive of Russian terrorist troops was stopped.

"The lack of need for the new military draft is also a positive outcome of the Minsk agreements. The same applies to the liberation of thousands of Ukrainian hostages who were held in prisons in the occupied territories and in prisons in the Russian Federation. In general, we feel more secure than a year ago thanks to the strengthened defense capability of our armed forces. The "conflict degree" is much lower now than it was in previous two years," Poroshenko said noting that the Ukrainian side has observed the Minsk agreements no matter how hard it was.

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"That is what has enabled our diplomats to win the hard struggle for the extension of sanctions against Russia by the EU, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries in spring and summer. Moreover, I stress that we have made no concessions on positions that are crucial for Ukraine," the president said.

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