"They doused the newsroom, the production room, and set them on fire, leaving an anti-tank mine near the entrance," - top manager on Inter TV channel arson

The attack on the Inter TV channel in Kyiv is a continuation of pressure over the TV channel.

This was announced by director of Natsionalni Infomatsiini Systemy company (NIS, a member of Inter Media Group) Oleksandr Pylypets in his commentary to Censor.NET.

"There have been casualties. A reporter's leg was broken. Many people suffered from breathing ashes. Some addressed the doctors with heart and pressure problems.

"What has happened? Some 20 people in masks and camo entered the building shouting "Fire!". They foamed the security guards who are on the first floor, sidetracking attention. Meanwhile, people with incendiary entered the second floor. I don't know what exactly that was, but the hallways smelled strongly. They doused the newsroom, the production room, and set it all on fire. Then they blocked the people and fled, leaving an anti-tank mine near the entrance," Pylypets said.

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Speaking of possible reasons for this incident, the top manager said it was "continuation of pressure over the TV channel."

"[It is] politics that's merging into criminality. No one cares that people could have died. Human life is worth nothing.

"It was a concise activity aimed at intimidating the reporter community of Ukraine. We haven't thought much of the authorities recently, [covering] the 'amber business' protection, payolas, tender stories. Here is the result. Our requests to law enforcement agencies, the Presidential Administration, the interior minister, the Security Service lead nowhere. This is the result," Pylypets noted, adding that the TV channel will issue a statement on the events in the near future.

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