Beslan mothers and Novaya gazeta reporter who protested against Putin apprehended again

The women were pushed into a car and taken in an unknown direction after their phones were confiscated.

Ella Kesaieva and Svetlana Margieva, mothers of the victims of Beslan school massacre, who wore T-shirts blaming Vladimir Putin for the tragedy on the day of commemoration events, have been apprehended again, Censor.NET reports. Novaya Gazeta reporter Elena Kostyuchenko who informed about the event was attacked as well, her colleague Elena Milashina wrote on Facebook.

According to the journalist, a large group of "unidentified men in civilian clothes, who were driven into the territory of the 1st School in Beslan" participated in the attack.

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They took Kostyuchenko's camera and phone and drove in an unknown direction. "The same happened to Ella Kesaieva and Svetlana Margieva. They took away their cameras when they filmed people in civilian clothes surrounding them. There is no connection with Kostyuchenko, " she said.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n404338