Half of Inter editorial staff would rather work for Russian TV channels, - deported journalist Stolyarova

New pieces of correspondence between former Inter TV channel news editor, Russian journalist Maria Stolyarova and her colleagues have been released online.

Censor.NET reports citing PSB-News.

In particular, the source has published snippets of correspondence between Stolyarova and Andrii Lashch, a journalist of Ukraine's controversial 17 Channel.

Lashch himself confirmed the authenticity of this correspondence, adding: "You will have the right to condemn me only after you experience at least to a small extent the situations I have been to."

Among other things, Stolyarova and Lashch talk about sham charachters allegedly coming from the occupied territory that they want to use for a Skype conversation. Stolyarova also gives detailed instructions on the content of sound bites.

According to her, half of Inter editorial staff would rather work for Russian TV channels under her lead. Lashch, in turn, says he would not mind working for Russian media but does not want to part with the flat in Kyiv.

Additionally, Stolyarova dwells on her cooperation with French journalist Paul Moreira who shot a controversial movie about events in Ukraine, which was criticized for pro-Russian bias and outright lies. Assessing Moreira's work, she remarks that "Europe started to completely disregard Ukraine" after watching this movie.

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