Lutsenko, MPs set to discuss referral of Ilovaisk tragedy case to court, - Butusov

At 3 p.m., Sept. 2, a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense on the probe into the death of Ukrainian soldiers near Ilovaisk and failures at the front in 2014-2015 will take place with the participation of Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov announced on Facebook.

According to him, the meeting will hear the results of the military and tactical examination conducted by Ukrainian generals and officers, MoD employees at the request of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office.

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"The probe into the Ilovaisk tragedy was finished on Aug. 10, 2015, the probe into the course of war - on Aug. 22, 2016. Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko promised to refer the Ilovaisk case to court before the end of 2016. In fact, all the materials are already available. I'm also going to attend the meeting as the only civil representative to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office group on military and tactical examination," Butusov wrote.

Earlier, Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko said the military prosecution is no entitled to deal with his professional activities.

"It's strange that soldiers and officers can be subjects of proceedings, while an army general can not. Why? A common military rank that enjoys no immunity under the law. Doesn't Muzhenko know that the Prosecutor General's Office is due to give a legal assessment of human and hardware losses. Why does he fear that much? During two years, his PR guys have been convincing the public that the Ilovaisk operation was led by Korban [ally of well-known Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi - ed.] and Semenchenko [former Donbas battalion commander - ed.] and volunteer battalions that poked their nose everywhere and hindered all the time are the ones to blame," Butusov wrote.

He also noted it would be an important historic trial accompanied by clearly analyzed documents and right decisions.

"Hopefully, the MPs have been able to obtain the conclusions of the military and tactical examination, and some of them will share the information with media," the journalist added.

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In August 2015, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatolii Matios reported 366 soldiers and law enforcers killed, 429 wounded, 158 missing in action and 128 captured as a result of breaking through the Ilovaisk encirclement via the so-called "green corridor" in August 2014.

The Military Prosecutor's Office claims some 1,000 Ukrainian military opposed the 16,000-strong hybrid Russian forces in the battle for Ilovaisk two years ago. As a result, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces lost weapons and military equipment worth 298.3 million UAH ($13 million). Matios believes the treacherous invasion of Russian troops in the rear of ATO forces was the main reason for the tragedy.
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