Kremlin organized and financed protests in Ukraine's southeast, - Kharkiv separatist Borodavka

Kharkiv separatist and journalist Andrii Borodavka, who was working for Russia's propaganda in the spring of 2014, supported pro-Russian militants and was involved in an attempt to foment a military conflict in the region, dwelt on his stay in Russia, the financing of pro-Russian organizations in Kharkiv, and reasons for his disappointment in the concept of Pax Russica.

Censor.NET reports citing an interview the journalist gave to Visti news show.

According to Borodavka, his deportation from Russia was due to "uncomfortable questions" he put to the so-called financial "curators" of anti-state rallies in the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, he documented thefts of large sums by the leaders of pro-Russian movements.

"Many protests in the southeast were planned, organized and financed by Moscow. Representatives of Russia's Presidential Administration were in charge of all this," he said.

"Considerable resources were allocated, including on propaganda. There were two components: organization of protests and their funding, and, accordingly, the media coverage, and not only of these rallies. There were certain plans, topics that were "recommended" to journalists, bloggers for coverage," the separatist remarked.

According to him, pro-Russian activities had been financed even before the 2013-2014 period. The so-called "professional Russians," including those in Kharkiv, and pro-Russian organizations received grants through the Russian consulate.

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The former supporter of the Pax Russica concept said he felt Russia's law and justice system with his own ribs, adding the rights of thousands of foreigners are being violated in the country.

"There are thousands of foreigners across Russia, whose rights are being violated. During two months, I was asking to let me exercise my rights, requested the constitution of the Russian Federation. I argue that these injuries [which he demonstrated to Ukrainian TV channels after being deported - ed.] were inflicted by Russian bailiffs," Borodavka complained.

"It turns out that Pax Russica abandoned them [pro-Russian separatists - ed.]. I spoke with many people, was in touch with the families of those in trouble [arrested or detained in Ukraine for separatism - ed.]. Most of them no longer believe [in the Pax Russica concept - ed.]. After two and a half years, it's not that difficult to realize they have been cheated and used," the separatist concluded.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n403995