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 US 'Deception Committee' tasked to study Russian hacks of American political organizations

The White House has ordered a special intelligence task force to examine the implications of Russia's recent hacks of U.S. political organizations.

U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News, Censor.NET reports.

The classified national study is being conducted by the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee, a Cold War-era organization that is part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the officials said.

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The committee traditionally has advised the DNI on foreign attempts to thwart U.S. intelligence through trickery. But in the cyber era, the committee has increasingly looked at how nation states use computer attacks to conduct espionage and spread propaganda.

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran are primary subjects, the officials said.

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The consensus among U.S. intelligence analysts is that Russia is seeking to undermine confidence in the U.S. system, using the hacks into the Democratic National Committee, state election systems and other targets that have yet to be made public, as part of a larger campaign. Whether Russia can directly manipulate voting machines or "hack" into election systems, they say, is not clear and is mainly outside the jurisdiction of U.S. intelligence.

Intelligence analysts are uncertain about the Russian government's intentions relating to U.S. politics, but they don't believe Russia is actively trying to favor Republican Donald Trump, as some have suggested. Instead, Russia may be trying to foment chaos.
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