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 Kryve Ozero police officers to be retrained alongside Kyiv colleagues, - National Police Deputy Chief Fatsevych

Kryve Ozero police precinct employees will not be fired. Instead they will undergo a retraining and an interview with further appointment to relevant positions.

This was announced by National Police Deputy Chief Oleksandr Fatsevych, Censor.NET reports citing Prestupnosti.NET.

"We have manned the precinct with new employees. However, the old staff will be interviewed and appointed to relevant positions. Disbanding the precinct does not mean the employees will be sacked," Fatsevych said.

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According to him, the old employees will undergo an interview and receive additional training. Moreover, the National Police is going to set up rapid response groups in Kryve Ozero, manned with local law enforcers.

"We want to establish rapid response groups and send the guys from the precinct to Kyiv for training. They will take to Kyiv streets along with patrol officers for practicing. Then, they will come back here and maintain public order in the same manner. Roughly speaking, we will teach the old employees to use the new methods of work," he said.

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Oleksandr Fatsevych added that Mykolaiv patrol officers will secure public order in Kryve Ozero for the time being. Four patrol police squads as well as several police officers in key positions are currently working in the town. The main changes in case with the Kryve Ozero police precinct relate to its leadership which has been completely replaced.

As previously reported, resident of Kryve Ozero town Oleksandr Tsukerman was murdered by police officers during his detention Aug. 24. Next day, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko announced three police officers were apprehended on suspicion of beating the man to death during attempted detention. Three more officers were later apprehended on charges of Tsukerman's murder. The court hearing on pre-trial restraints against the first three suspects ruled to arrest them. At the moment, the police have revealed the names of all officers present during the murder in the Mykolaiv region. Prosecutor's office said Oleksandr Tsukerman died of a ball bullet wound.
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