E-declaration tender could have been wangled by organizers, - expert

The scandal around Ukraine’s electronic system for filing financial statements arouse mostly due to the lack of transparency in the tender procedure.

This was stated by co-chair of PR committee of IT Ukraine Association Vladyslav Bovsunovskyi in his article for Censor.NET.

He sees the lack of transparency in the tender procedure as the root of problems around electronic declaration.

"Should a particular company be interested in winning the tender, the existing procedure allowed the organizers to easily rig the results," Bovsunovskyi noted.

According to him, the rules required participants to submit the confidential part of their proposals, including the price of service, in a password-protected zip file. On the day when the bids were opened, each participant had to provide the password. The organizer had to enter it, get the file with price from the archive and choose the best offer with the lowest price.

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In his opinion, this is an inefficient use of funds, as the replacement of an electronic document management system with the alike system by another developer makes no sense, while the only result of all efforts is "spent money."

According to Bovsunovskyi, the money for the development of electronic declaration system was allocated by the government of Denmark, and the tender itself was conducted by UNDP. The tenderers are classified, the progress is classified, the names of experts saying the system is ready for use are also kept in secret.

"State agencies were not involved in conducting the tender as well as developing its specifications. However, the country's leadership was made responsible, even though it took no part in the process. If the situation finally leads to denial of a visa-free regime, all the Ukrainians will suffer, even though the process involved only international organizations and their affiliates as well as the recipients of grants - NGOs. Just to be clear, the members of tender commission are not civil servants and do not bear any criminal liability for their actions," he stressed.

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