Russian media try using child’s murder in Loshchynivka to stir ethnic conflict in Ukraine, - MP Herashchenko

Each nation and nationality has a rotten apple, therefore the whole nation cannot be punished for offences committed by its particular representative.

As reported by Censor.NET, MP Anton Herashchenko expressed such opinion on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel commenting on the brutal murder of a girl in the Odesa region committed by the Roma.

"Each nation and nationality has villains. There are scoundrels among Ukrainians, Russians, Arabs, Poles, Germans, and so on. There are good people as well and, thank God, they constitute the majority. The particular Roma committed a grave crime in the particular village. He is suspected of murder of a child and must be held accountable for this. One cannot assign responsibility for this to all the residents of this village. I am sure that there are good people among the village residents of Roma origin," Herashchenko said.

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The lawmaker stressed that this situation was used to incite ethnic hatred in Ukraine.

"The attempts to use this situation for stirring ethnic conflict in Ukraine, which we currently observe, are actively supported by the Russian media. That's not going to happen. This particular citizen suspected of murder and sexual assault must get a sentence. The life sentence is preferable. If I was the one to judge him, I would have imposed life imprisonment on him for the sexual assault and murder of the girl. Such people should be isolated from society forever. And that should settle the conflict," the MP said.

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As previously reported, riots broke out in Loshchynivka, the Odesa region, after an 8-year-old local girl was found dead in an abandoned house on the village outskirts on Aug. 27. A 21-year-old Roma local was detained as the murder suspect, after which several Roma homes were ransacked by locals. More than 300 people took part in the unrest.

The suspect, in turn, does not plead guilty. He gave testimonies first but abandoned them afterwards. According to locals, the Roma settled in the village three years ago and have been involved in robbery and drug dealing, beating up and bullying of villagers since then. The local police have been ignoring the people's complaints.
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