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 Ukrainian soldiers eliminate high-ranked terrorist at Svitlodarsk salient, - volunteer Mysiahin

Volunteer Yurii Mysiahin reports destruction of "a serious and important" terrorist in an artillery strike committed by the Ukrainian troops.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

The volunteer stressed: "I have previously written that in contrast with the separatists, we (the Ukrainian Armed Forces - Ed.) do not commit retaliatory strikes every day or night, indiscriminately shelling random targets just to show that we do something.

"The 1st Battalion of the 54th Brigade distinguished itself in action on Svitlodarsk salient again.

"The Ukrainian military committed accurate retaliatory strike on the enemy positions yesterday as they were well prepared and collected necessary information on the enemy location.

"A radio intercept by the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed the information which has already been reported to the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff.

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"The 1st Battalion of the 54 Brigade was forced to fire at the enemy's positions in response to the systematic strikes committed on the Ukrainian troops' advanced strong points. A serious and important military was eliminated as a result of the accurate hit," he explained.

According to the volunteer, it is still unknown whether a local militant or Russian career serviceman was destroyed. The Ukrainian servicemen were congratulated at a military briefing and told that they had eliminated a high-ranked militant and destroyed the terrorists' fortification.

"The separatists were shocked and started heavily fortifying their positions," Yurii Mysiahin added.
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