"I’m going to smoke my last cigarette and be gone. May everyone forgive me," - journalist Shchetinin’s suicide letter made public

Olha Meshcheriakova, the chief editor of Novyi Region online news outlet founded by deceased journalist Alexander Shchetinin, released part of his suicide letter.

Meshcheriakova wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I should have written it long ago, but I have plucked up courage only now. Sasha (Alexander Shchetinin - Ed.) had his birthday on Saturday. But he had his phone switched off and did not respond in social networks for a long time. So I paid him a visit. He did not let me in but sent me a farewell message after I left. He promised to smoke one last cigarette and shoot himself dead. I rushed to phone round my friends looking for the keys to his apartment. We managed to get inside only three hours after I had received the letter. The men were the first who entered the apartment. The women were not let on the balcony.... I think I should quote the letter's most important abstracts," she wrote.

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Here are some parts of the letter published by Meshcheriakova:

"I'm very glad that you have visited me. Unfortunately, I was unable to make progress in our business. That's exactly why I have not opened the door to you....

"The best way out for me in this situation is to leave this life. This decision was not made now. I secured my handgun 10 days ago now. I did not have the stomach for pulling the trigger all these days. I was postponing it as I didn't have the guts....

"Tell my daughters if you have a chance that I was really missing them to the last. But these four and a half years without them were unbearable. This is the main reason for my decision. I sent them a note on Wednesday.


"And there is one more thing: I fell deeply, passionately in love with Ukraine and its people till the last breath.

"Please, write about it when everything settles....

"I am on my balcony now. I am going to smoke my last cigarette and be gone....

"I dearly love everyone. You should be always telling this to them.


As reported earlier, friends of Alexander Shchetinin found him dead on the balcony of his own apartment on Kostiantynivska Street on Aug.28.

Alexander Shchetinin was a famous blogger and founder of the Novyi Region news agency. The journalist gave up his Russian citizenship and became a citizen of Ukraine. Shchetinin called Vladimir Putin his personal enemy and criticized 'fascist dictatorship' established in Russia by Putin.
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