One of policemen suspected of Tsukerman’s murder flubbed recertification, reinstated by court, - Automaidan activist

Automaidan activists have carried out their own investigation into recertification of the National police employees in the Mykolaiv region, particularly those implicated in the murder of Kryve Ozero resident Oleksandr Tsukerman.

One of the Automaidan leaders Oleksii Hrytsenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"Only one of the detained police officers underwent recertification held by a commission with an Automaidan representative in its composition. It was Vasyl Trubachenko. Both the commission and the appeals instance recommended his dismissal. But he was reinstated by a court ruling, and even received compensation. It is worth holding to account the judge and the lawyers who reinstated him," Hrytsenko wrote and attached a link to the relevant court decision on Trubachenko's reinstatement.

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As previously reported, resident of Kryve Ozero town Oleksandr Tsukerman was murdered by police officers during his detention Aug. 24. Next day, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko announced three police officers were apprehended on suspicion of beating the man to death during attempted detention. Three more officers were later apprehended on charges of Tsukerman's murder. The court hearing on pre-trial restraints against the first three suspects ruled to arrest them. At the moment, the police have revealed the names of all officers present during the murder in the Mykolaiv region. Prosecutor's office said Oleksandr Tsukerman died of a ball bullet wound.
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