Europe faces new dangerous arms race spiral, Steinmeier says

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier believes Europe’s security is under serious threat and proposes arms control resumption.

In his article for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published on Friday, Aug. 26, the social democratic German politician states that the confrontation between the blocs that seemed to be overcome long time ago has become once again topical, Censor.NET reports referring to DW.

According to Steinmeier, Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea has cast a shadow over the basic principles of the European security system. The new forms of confrontation have subsequently emerged and the role of new technologies has increased. The diplomat emphasizes that Europe is facing the new dangerous spiral of the arms race. He points out that it is necessary to pin Russia down to its word in this situation and start a new debate on the control of conventional weapons in Europe.

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German foreign minister believes that a dual strategy combining deterrence and easing tension must be applied in relations with Russia. Steinmeier also stresses that the partnership proposal with Russia should be action-oriented, otherwise the balance will be lost.

The minister insists that peace in Europe has been taken for granted over the past two decades. However, Frank-Walter Steinmeier believes that everything is at stake once again now since a deep chasm has appeared between Russia and the West. According to him, the chance to resolve it quickly even by making major efforts is pretty slim.

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