Pentagon concerned with Russia's drills' proximity to Ukraine's borders

The United States is deeply concerned with unexpected checkup of combat readiness of the Russian armed forces and hopes that Moscow will fulfill its obligations towards its neighbor in terms of transparency and arms control, Pentagon said.

The stance has been voiced by representative of the U.S. Defense Ministry Michelle Baldanza in a commentary to Interfax, Censor.NET reports.

She said the U.S. has took notice of Russian military's "unexpected" drills and hopes that Russia will fulfill its obligations and promises within existing accords on arms control and confidence-building measures so that its neighboring nation Ukraine has relevant guarantees and transparency in terms of the volume and nature of such activities.

According to Baldanza, such unexpected checkup of combat readiness usually occurs in Russia prior to large-scale military drills. The Pentagon representative said the U.S. is monitoring the situation closely.

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The U.S. official said her country remains deeply concerned with escalation of violence in the east of Ukraine and the proximity of the Russian forces to Ukraine, given the involvement of Russia inthe Donbas conflict.

Ms. Baldanza also noted that the U.S. was well aware that Russia used military exercise to hide redeployment of weapons on Ukraine's territory.

She reiterated ongoing efforts by the U.S. to convince Russia to take measures for de-escalation in the region, including through full and constructive involvement in talks on the Minsk deal.
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