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 "Kryve Ozero police precinct disbanded, order signed," - Dekanoidze


The National Police leadership has disbanded the police precinct in Kryve Ozero town in Ukraine's Mykolaiv region.

National Police Head Khatia Dekanoidze wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"I arrived in Kryve Ozero this morning. A group of National Police employees (deputy head, internal security and criminal investigation representatives) have been working here since yesterday. I extend my sympathies to relatives and friends of the man who fell victim to the criminal actions of Kryve Ozero police officers. Today, I will try to meet with his family to personally offer my condolences," she wrote.

"I give you my word that the National Police, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Interior Ministry are interested in complete investigation and punishment of those guilty. No one is going to cover the colleagues. We hope the court's judgement will be appropriate. The precinct is disbanded, the order is signed. Mykolaiv patrol police company commander Oleksandr Horpynych is going to lead the precinct," Dekanoidze added.

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"Yesterday, there were attempts to ransack the precinct, which is unacceptable. Reinforcements from Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa will be safeguarding public order and the police building. We have the law, and everyone will be punished under this law. The Mykolaiv region police leadership will be reshuffled today. Investigation is underway - my deputy, the chief of the Criminal Investigation Department and the head of internal security are working here with me," the police chief said.

"I would like to address all the National Police officers who have forgotten the meaning of honor. We'll get you, and when we get you, we'll punish you and your leaders. The day before yesterday, we stood in front of the mother of the deceased police officer in the Ternopil region, and today, we are forced to shamefully look into the eyes of the residents of Kryve Ozero," Dekanoidze concluded.

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As previously reported, resident of Kryve Ozero town Oleksandr Tsukerman was murdered by police officers during his detention Aug. 24. Aug. 25, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko announced three police officers were apprehended on suspicion of beating to death a man they had previously detained.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n403100